Product Description

The Smart Wifi Black Thermostat is used to control your Electric underfloor heating system.

This Thermostat pairs to your home WIFI using an application which is available from both Android and IOS platforms. Once paired, you will be minimising energy use as well as having your home remain at a comfortable temperature.

  • WIFI Control
  • Programmable
  • Professional design
  • Hold function
  • Floor Temperature Limitation
  • Power Consumption Monitor (APP)
  • Large Screen
  • IP rating: IP21
  • Max Load: 16A
  • Supply voltage: 230v

This thermostat switches up to 3600w / 16amp. See below for load capacity on our electric kits.

System Type Maximum m2 Mat/Cable quantity (Total Load)
Wood Mat (140w) 24m2 2 x 12m2 Wood Mats (14.61amps)
Loose Cable (10w per m) 36m2 2 x 180m Loose Cable drums (15.65amps)
100w Sticky Mat 36m2 3 x 12m2 Sticky Mats (15.65amps)
150w Sticky Mat 24m2 2 x 12m2 Sticky Mats (15.65amps)
200w Sticky Mat 18m2 2 x 9m2 Sticky Mats (15.65amps)
Installation Guide
  1. Loosen fixing screw located in the bottom of the thermostat to get the front panel.
  2. Connect the thermostat according to the Wiring Instruction found in the main installation manual (linked above).
  3. Insert the back panel into wall box with provided screws.
  4. Align top part of front panel and back panel to fit these two parts. Then fix them with screw.


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