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Simpler than our Smart Thermostats, Warmup’s Programmable Thermostats are intuitive to use and allow you to easily set up ideal heating programmes.

Smart WiFi

Working automatically, with wireless communication and app-based technologies, Warmup’s range of smart thermostats are our most advanced controllers. Enjoy optimised heating, effortlessly.


If you prefer a simple, dial-based thermostat to control your underfloor heating system, have a look at Warmup’s range of Manual thermostats. Easy to use – just twist to control for immediate heat.

Expand your brand with our smart and energy-saving thermostats

Controlled remotely with mobile app, smart thermostats control your heating system and can help save energy automatically .

  • Enhance the efficiency of your floor heater

  • Smartphone-based technology  provides remote access to your heating system

  • Smart controls to offer automatic heat while saving energy.

Your can always find the best thermostat for your business

Our specialists are thrilled to develop and manufacture smart thermostats to satisfy your special market needs.

The Best

Whether you are looking for a simple, dial-based electric underfloor heating thermostats or a technologically advanced Smart wireless thermostat for water and electric floor heaters or central heating systems, we have a variety of options to suit all your heating requirements.


In stock regular thermostats for private label orders with  MOQ start from 100 pcs.


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